Impressionwise Email Verification and Spam Trap Removal


Threats API Overview

Our Hygiene API can be seamlessly integrated into your signup or onboarding process with just a single request. This high speed processing option is designed for continuous, real-time, data cleansing for cleansing an individual email address using standard HTTP methods.

Structure and Definition for Inbound Submissions

Our API requires you to authenticate each individual request. Below is an example of a basic URL structure request, just substitute with the provided account, associated password along with any optional parameters.


Required Data Fields

Parameters need to be separated by "&"

&CODE= 6 Digit numeric, acccount code provided by Impressionwise = 000001
&PWD= Alpha-numeric, security code provided by Impressionwise = password1
&EMAIL= Recipient email address to be submitted for processing =

Optional Client Pass-thru Fields

Parameter's need to be separate by "&" = param1=value1&param2=value2&...

&addr1=123 sw 150 ave

** Maximum of 20 "other" variables.

URL Structure Example

A properly formatted URL post would resemble the following example as shown below. sw 150 ave &addr2=&city=miami&state=FL&zip=33222&country=USA&phone=3057645678&gender=m&

Parameters and Usage

To verify an email address simply use the request shown in the sample below substituting the required parameters with provided credentials and email address you want to verify.

Sample =

Upon successful posting of an email address, you can expect to receive the following response.

Response =

Possible result parameter/values include:

&RESULT= "See below section Result Code section for additional detail"
&TTP= "Time it took to process value represented in seconds"
&NPD= "See below section Net Protect Detail section for additional detail"
&CC= "See below section Country Code Detail section for additional detail"

Error Handling

From time to time you may experience an API error. It is important to watch out for these and handle them appropriately. Specifically, if your submission contains an invalid account code or password the result response would be WRONG_PSW.

Additionally, it has been our experience that with some smaller email hosts it is not uncommon for their reply to take an excessive amount of time to respond (sometimes more than 10 seconds). Due to this possible condition, you will receive a result code of RETRY. Upon reception of this response, please continue your HTTP submissions thru to completion of the entire data set to be submitted.. Once complete, please retry any/all responses with "RETRY" or as shown below:

Response =

If you receive any other response other than those previously shown, please contact support.

Result Codes

The recommended guidelines presented below will ensure you are adhering to email best practices, enabling more emails to reach the inbox. As a result, you will mitigate any risk associated with emailing to potentially “bad” addresses and you will experience additional opens, higher click through rates, increased conversions, and more revenue while protecting your online reputation.

Certified Domestic. US-based email address with no known reason to expect a delivery failure or harm to email senders online reputation. CertDom Send
Certified International. Non-US-based email address with no known reason to expect a delivery failure or harm to email senders online reputation. CertInt
Network Protected. Managed SMTP filtering applications known to be highly collaborative, notifications sent to leading DNSBL sites in real-time. NetProtect Send ONLY if Recipient was organically acquired with user- based submission evidence OR has purchase activity within last 90 days (open/click activity excluded)
Key. Complex pattern recognition and threat string algorithms designed to remove intra-domain recipients employed by that domain for use as spam traps. Key
Quarantine. Once active traps gone dormant may become reactivated during a 90 day period. Yet actively considered certified. Quarantine
Parked Site Intelligence. Email addresses that after careful evaluation has been established to be least likely to be responsive or engage. Parked Do Not Send
Seed. Third party oversight email address used for general monitoring of company's network resources. Removal of litigators and collaborative anti-spam activists historically known to purposely seed their email address(es) for the purpose of litigation. Seed
Invalid. Defined as the inability to actually deliver an email message to intended recipients, receiving domain per RFC standards. Invalid
Mole. Collaborating recipient submission-based or domain-level, anti-spam solution with no current, direct ownership of resources involved. Yet historical evidence firmly establishes a relationship to one or more DNSBL sites. Mole
Trap. Purpose-built, Spam-trap, or Honeypot e-mail address, any e-mail messages sent to this address are immediately considered unsolicited. Email address has known association of having direct ownership or control over the resources involved with the reception of a message leading to its submission to one or more DNSBL sites. Trap

Net Protect (NPD) Codes (optional)

To address specific deliverability challenges, use the network protected codes provided below to allow for individual classification suppression.

NA = Not applicable or address is not a network protected domain


010 = AppRiver
011 = Barracuda
012 = Google/
013 = Ironport
014 = NAI-McAfee
015 = Outblaze
016 = Securence
017 = Symantec-BrightMail
018 = Symantec-MessageLabs
019 = SymantecMail
022 = Invalument
025 =
027 = CatchAll
028 = CommTouch
029 = CloudMark
030 = Government; .gov, .mil, .edu, .us
034 = Trend Micro
035 = Kundenserver
036 = ProofPoint Threat Intelligence (SORBS parent)
037 = Microsoft Message Security (bigfish,frontbridge)
038 = Microsoft Frontbridge
039 = Reporting Sites
041 = SpamCop Enabled User Network
042 = Cisco Netprotect
043 = XMission Envelope

The list of codes above, while infrequent, are subject to change. When a change occurs, generally a notification will be sent prior to any changes go live.

Usage and Guidance

Network Protected Domains, and the recipients belonging to, are considered to be deliverable. However, the managed SMTP SaaS's are known to be highly collaborative, checking and notifying other leading industry DNSBL sites in real-time if email sent to an anti-spam solution is deemed spam. This section is designed to provide NOTICE ONLY as to which domains are being managed by a particular third party, anti-spam solution and aid in the delivery of your email.

Recommended Usage: The anti-spam solution classifications are specifically designed to aid in deliverability challenges. For example, if you are unable to get any email through to any domain protected by a Barracuda appliance due to Barracuda labeling your email as spam, then using the Barracuda export would provide options not normally available. The sender could elect to suppress this domain grouping completely to protect the deliverability to the remaining certified domains within your list. The more popular option would be to take all the network protected domain groupings and send to them after you have sent all other data marked as safe or certified to ensure optimal delivery footprint.

Country Code Detail (optional)

Due to the large number of country codes, a comma-delimited text file has been created for easy access and installation of code library into any existing application. This code library can be found at

The country codes are subject to change. While changes or new changes are rare, please check back monthly to ensure the version you downloaded is current.

Domain Origination Note: Sourced from IANA’s database of TLD extensions, proprietary views as provided by domain registrars and Regional Internet Registries (AfriNIC, APNIC, ARIN, LACNIC, RIPE). Assessment is based off the geographic location of the originating IP that the MX record points to establish if domain is of domestic US or international origin. Supplemental confirmation utilizing corresponding RIR's SWIP and Rwhois data where possible.

Questions? Please feel free to contact us with any questions or specific customization requirements you may have regarding our automated, data cleansing feed services to ensure a successful evaluation or use of our services and let the results speak for themselves!

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With an average of 117,545 new email-based threats found each month, Impressionwise makes it easy for potential clients to evaluate our list cleaning services by offering a complimentary scan and report for a sample set of your data to illustrate the benefits of our services.

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