Impressionwise Email Verification and Spam Trap Removal

API/ Integrations

The platform is accessible via a secure API/RESTful web service, automated FTP service,
or simply via our web-based file transfer option. The result: a complete solution that is
faster, more secure, more reliable, and provides the most flexibility to fit your
business-critical communication needs.

real-time email validation api service


This high speed processing option is designed for continuous, real-time data cleansing with results provided within the initial posting transaction response. API resources are identified by URLs and interacted with using the standard HTTP methods.

For additional information, see HTTP Feed API Setup.

FTP Feed Service

Designed for automated, batched submissions of larger volume data sets. This service is designed for those clients who receive data on a regularly scheduled basis (such as hourly, daily or weekly) which allows 24/7 access to Impressionwise cleaning services without the wait time of traditional processing in a secure manner. For more information, see FTP Feed Setup.

batch address verification service
real-time email validation web service

HTTP File Transfer

The easiest way to send and receive files allowing clients using a web browser to easily initiate file transfers with just a few clicks. Simply add your files and folders to the files panel and your files are instantly uploaded and imported into our cleansing process with results returned within the same panel.

For additional detail, see HTTP File Transfer Help.

Webhook Integrations

The easiest way to send and receive files allowing clients using a web browser to seamlessly integrate your favorite ESP or web application.

Contact us for customized integrations of our service into your favorite ESP platforms.

real time email address cleaning service

A Powerful Solution

Impressionwise was built to increase deliverability resulting in an expanded delivery footprint with increased inbox placement while protecting the sending domains and IP’s used.

Easy Setup, No Installation

Impressionwise runs directly in your browser so you don't need to install anything on your computer. Getting started is easy and no technical skills are required.

Simply, Automated, Flexibility

Our system provides real-time and batch cleansing of email addresses in bulk as a pre-send verification service or seamless integration as a point of collection API feed or favorite ESP integration

The recognized authority in email verification
and list cleaning services

100.9 billion

18.4 trillion

6.6 billion

Emails Processed Data Points Analyzed Threats Discovered

With an average of 117,545 new email-based threats found each month, Impressionwise makes it easy for potential clients to evaluate our list cleaning services by offering a complimentary scan and report for a sample set of your data to illustrate the benefits of our services.

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